Macau — Diálogos sobre Arquitectura e Sociedade

Circo de Ideias / 2019

“Macau. Diálogos sobre Arquitectura e Sociedade”, published by Circo de Ideias, edited by Tiago Saldanha Quadros and Margarida Saraiva. The book explores the recent development of Macao, its territory and neighbouring regions, by linking themes such as architecture, city, border, memory, representation and history.

The object, composed of three distinct parts and centered on ten interviews, initially presents a first interview, dedicated to Nuno Cera, who recommends the photographic work highlighted in the second part. Finally, the third chapter contains interviews with Hendrik Tieben, Thomas Daniell, Mário Duque, Wang Weijen, Diogo Burnay, Jianfei Zhu, Jorge Figueira, Werner Breitung and Pedro Campos Costa.

The layout developed had as main concern the exaltation of the content, be it visual or graphic. As such, the typographic stain of the work presents a considerable size, for this dimension of object, transporting the concern for reading the dialogues to the foreground. The book is marked by the different shape of its paragraphs, which highlights its visual aspect.